Muslim Foundation for Culture and Development (MFCD) is a non-profit, non – governmental humanitarian aid agency, duly incorporated by Act of Parliament (No. 28 of 2008) of Sri Lanka. MFCD is also accredited as a member of the Asian Disaster Relief and Response Network (ADRRN).

It is legally mandated for the soliciting / disbursement of funds for humanitarian assistance and charitable purposes thereof.

Since its inception in 2001, MFCD has grown by leaps and bounds, and today it has become a force to be reckoned with, due to its selfless services in the field of contribution to humanitarian and development initiatives in Sri Lanka through its well-knit network of volunteers spread throughout the country.

As a humanitarian agency, MFCD’s scope of operation have expanded considerably. Over the years it has rightly earned a reputation for its swift response and disaster management / relief programmes which assist the disaster victims as well as other vulnerable group of people, regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliations. In addition, MFCD also provides psychological support to overcome the traumatic effect of disaster.

MFCD has a long history of responding to people in the hour of need and being a development oriented agency, it is at the forefront in engaging in programmes of assistance and looks into developing livelihoods for the needy, shelters for the homeless, looks into the welfare of orphans, initiates childcare, health and education programmes and construction of community centers.

It also promotes and implements sustainable development concepts and provides communities with access to clean water and sanitation.

Most importantly, MFCD is well positioned to carry out the aforesaid projects to alleviate the pains and sufferings of the destitute through the benevolence of donors for the cause of humanity.






1. Incorporated in Parliament of Sri Lanka by ACT, No. 28 OF 2008

2. Registered as a National NGO at Ministry of Social Welfare, No: L – 98414

3. Registered as a cultural Organization at Department of Muslim Religious and CulturalAffairs , No MRCA/13/6/CO/55







1. Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2. Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs – Sri Lanka

3. Naleemiah Institute of Islamic Studies Society (Inc) – Sri Lanka.

4. SheykhAbdullah Al–Nouri Charity Society – Kuwait

5. All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama – Sri Lanka