President’s Message

The MFCD was inaugurated in 2001. Initially, it confined its humanitarian task on a small scale to serve the community. In 2004, soon after the Tsunami which was one of the worst disasters ever recorded in the annals of Sri Lanka history, the MFCD transformed per se into a national level Non-Governmental Organization, and made significant contributions to the humanitarian and development initiatives in Sri Lanka.

We are well-renowned nationally, and have earned ourselves an excellent reputation in the face of emergency response and disaster relief interventions. This was primarily due to mobilizing the man power of volunteers, and MFCD’s unflinching resolve to serve victims of circumstances.

Disaster disrupts the basis fabric and normal functioning of a society. Plans are now underway to evolve from disaster relief organization, to active national voice for Disaster Risk Reduction and Response in Sri Lanka.

As we gradually become vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, environmental degradation and man-made risks, time is now most opportune for MFCD to take a leading role among the local CBO’s, due its efficient and effective disaster- management initiatives, as well as coordinated response to any emergency thereupon.

The MFCD is accredited as a member of the Asian Disaster Relief and Response Network (ADRRN), and our mission is to enhance our role within the new global humanitarian agenda. Our focus is on empowering local community base organizations and to enhance resilience in the face of disaster.

As we will not rest on our previous and present laurels, we want to bring together individuals committed to disaster reduction and response, and use this forum to engage in knowledge sharing and learning through training and capacity building programmes.

With visionary zeal, we hope our forum will facilitate to integrate global framework directions into their local actions and implementations. Passion plays an integral part in all great accomplishments, and this is MFCD's motivation.