Scholarship for University Students

Scholarship for University students - In Sri Lanka , it is highly competitive to enter university because the selection of students will be done on the basis of rank order on average Z-Score obtained by candidates at the G.C.E. (A/L) examination. By this process, only bright students can get admission on merit basis. To give a helping hand to those bright and economically disadvantaged students who have got enrolled at state universities to pursue their ambitions, MFCD has come forward to assist under its Scholarship scheme for University students by way providing monthly allowance for the period of 4 years. This allowance will ease the financial burdens of the recipients and motivate to focus on their education with zeal. To date, MFCD has financially assisted 19 undergraduates and seeking donors generosity to continue this meritorious scheme for coming years too. This Scholarship scheme will help the most deserving students to enhance his / her career advancements.

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