Livelihood is one of the important sectors which MFCD brings into focus to create a sustainable income to vulnerable families who are in abject poverty to find adequate financial capacity to fulfill their daily essential needs. Poultry farming, providing three-wheelers, Mobile carts and sewing machines to such low-income families are some examples of the activities carried by MFCD through this sector.

The term “Livelihood” refers to the means of securing necessities in life. Sri Lanka’s total population is 20.9million, and 6.7% of the population currently lives below the national poverty line. The World Bank and United Nations agencies have introduced a new poverty line, – US $ 1.90 a day, to measure extreme poverty. As destitution and its grinding hardships remain a grim reality for hundreds of thousands of people in Sri Lanka, through donor’s generosity, the MFCD is actively involved and has identified the following 7 sub sectors to help and assist the poorest of the poor.