Mega Water Tank

Water sustains human life and is vital for human health. But, in rural and arid areas, hundreds of poor people suffer from a lack of access to clean water. Women and children especially bear the burden of walking miles and miles away to fetch water. To overcome this perennial problem which adversely affects the poor people who lives in inhospitable environment, MFCD has devised a “Drinking Water Supply for Rural people” programme in a selected area where water shortage is acute or no access to safe drinking water.

MFCD envisages to construct a deep well with storage of 20,000 liters capacity mega storage tank, installation of supplying submersible pump unit and laying pipe network to distribute clean and safe drinking water for to nearly 200 deserving rural families (approximately 1000 people) .Under this project, through field assessment and scoring system based on penniless families with children, disabled, elderly person and female headed household will be selected to provide a water connection. In addition, the community capacity building programme to make awareness on the water conservation and enhance their hygienic practices will be conducted.

MFCD has got the expertise and experience in this field. A case in point, it has already initiated a similar project, namely, “Madawakulam village in Puttalam district in Sri Lanka for designing and constructing the aforesaid for the benefit of 150 families (750 individuals). Henceforth, MFCD can optimistically handle the said project through the generosity and benevolence of the donors’ contribution to alleviate the misery of the destitute by way of proving safe drinking water to nearly 1000 families.

If proposal of the Mega Water Tank could be implemented, the water shortage in those harsh environment where 200 poor families who eke out a miserable living can permanently get water supply and access to safe drinking water.

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